That Outfit Is A Tragedy: The Worst-Dressed Celebs At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

  • bella thorne

  • drake bell

  • trevor jackson

  • pia mia perez

  • jillian rose reed

  • tyler oakley

  • nikki deloach

  • backstreet boys

  • victoria justice

  • johnny-knoxville-mtv

No one wants to be the worst-dressed celebrity on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. But it’s not enough to look good. After all, this is the MTV Movie Awards so you’ve also got to look young, hip and cool. As a result, celebs take horrible fashion risks. Most of the time, they don’t pay off. We’re sad to say it, but Victoria Justice,  Pia Mia Perez and Johnny Knoxville gambled and lost. Here it is, folks: The worst-dressed celebrities at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards!

Look, we know Easter is next weekend, but is that really an excuse for so many of our favorite stars to come in gross outfits the color of a Paz Easter egg dyeing kit? The lovely Bella Thorne looked like she was happy to have escaped a frigid ice harem. I mean, where else would you wear a tight toga dress in the color of an ice blue easter egg? Johnny Knoxville arrived in an oversized, wrinkled, pin-striped suit which made him look like an uncool dad wearing the suit of an even bigger uncool dad at a kids’ party.  And Victoria Justice decided to use the 2014 MTV Movie Awards red carpet to announce her new job as a robot showgirl in the seedy part of Las Vegas.

It’s really sad when the best dressed celeb of the night is Grumpy Cat.