Seriously? Rich Celebs Who Have Been Caught Stealing

  • big sean

  • winona ryder

  • lindsay lohan

  • megan fox

  • mike leake

  • oj simpson

  • britney spears

  • Courtney Love

  • khia

  • alexis neiers

Naya Rivera and Big Sean’s break up got a lot nastier last week when Rivera accused Sean of cheating on her and cheating her out of some bling. Right before it was publicly confirmed that their engagement was over, Rivera tweeted, and then deleted, that Sean stole Rolexes from her home. Of course, the rapper has denied these charges, but it does give him the dubious honor of being yet another celebrity accused of stealing…

To be fair, some of these celebs are on the list because they were caught shoplifting before they were famous. Megan Fox was banned from Wal-Mart because she was caught stealing lipgloss as a teen. I think we can all agree that such a youthful infraction is forgivable, but what about the celebs who are shoplifting when they’re already rich and famous? Winona Ryder is almost more famous now for trying to walk out of Saks Fifth Avenue with a bag of expensive goodies than she is for being the iconic star of Heathers.

Whether they’re movie stars, pop divas or famous athletes, celebrities get to live the fabulous lifestyle of the rich and famous. Which is why we can’t understand why so many of them would need to steal, cheat and shoplift.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]