Zac Efron Delivers Ab-Mazing Performance At 2014 MTV Movie Awards

How does one stand out in a room full of attention-hungry celebrities? Well, if your name is Zac Efron and it’s the MTV Movie Awards then the answer is simple: lose the shirt.

Efron won Best Shirtless Performance at tonight’s show, taking home his own golden popcorn for his brilliant work in That Awkward Moment. And because presenter Rita Ora is a human being with curiosity and a pulse, she couldn’t resist trying to get a look at what Zac is working with in between chants of “take it off!” THANK YOU, RITA! The Movie Awards audience, the Internet and the world at large truly appreciate all of your hard work. We promise never to question your career or relevancy ever again.

In a night that was filled with celebrity cameos and buzzed about movie trailers, Efron made sure to quiet any ongoing conversation about his personal life by playing to the crowd. In less than 60 seconds he charmed the room and added to his already impressive stack of sexy film roles, reminding us that he has a sense of humor and is much more than a pretty face. And that’s how it’s done.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]