These 10 Celebs Have Officially Lost Touch With Reality!

  • Rob-Lowe

  • Mariah-Carey

  • Kristen-Stewart-

  • Gwyneth-Paltrow

  • Kanye

  • Paris-Hilton

  • Katherine-Heigl

  • Tom-Cruise

  • Salma-Hayek

  • Donald-Trump

Movie stars, pop stars, and media darlings (this is what we’ve taken to calling reality stars with no discernible talent) are used to everyone hanging on their every move. We scan tabloids to find out where they bought their man-bracelets. They receive untold riches to show up to an event. Their pregnancies are more celebrated than the Virgin Mary’s. The world revolves around them — so why wouldn’t they believe that they’re the second coming? This attention makes some celebs, like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, pay it forward — but for others, it turns them into self-absorbed, wholly delusional lunatics.

You wouldn’t believe some of the most un-self-aware, howlingly out-of-touch quotes that our favorite celebrities have given! In a recent New York Times interview, Rob Lowe actually discussed the hardship of being plagued with devastating good looks. Mariah told reporters that, while she admires the skinniness of Ethiopians, she couldn’t deal with all the flies and stuff (!!). And, if you hadn’t heard, Kanye West continues to be a God.

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