Scandal Finale: My Father The Murderer

Last night’s explosive Scandal finale pushed the limits of fair play in the crazy world of D.C. manipulation and international terrorism. Yesterday Papa Pope (Joe Morton) told Big Morning Buzz Live host Nick Lachey who he’d want his television daughter to grow old with. So did Olivia choose Fitz or Jake?

Warning: Scandal Season 3 finale spoilers ahead!

Jake, kinda? Olivia is on that plane her father offered to her at the end of last season, with Puppy Dog Ballard by her side. The fallen B6-13 head asked her to walk in the sun with him (swoon) and finally she didn’t fight back. Her phone even rang before takeoff — how cool is it to see “White House” pop up on your screen? — and she had the self-control to let it go. A lot of that has to do with the fact that her boyfriend is damaged goods. Fitz never had it easy, but loosing his teenage son (RIP Little Jerry) just days after learning his father raped his wife has left him in his weakest, most troubled state to date. Without diminishing the death of Jerry, realizing that he needed an extreme act to get himself into the White House again can’t be good for his self-confidence. And because Olivia believes her career terrorist of a mother killed Jerry, she can’t be anywhere near her doomed love. Would it help it to know that it was actually your dad and his B6-13 henchman that killed Jerry, Liv?

Papa Pope again proved he has the smarts and oratory skills to get anyone on his side. From bleeding on the floor of Olivia Pope and Associations to lying peacefully in a hospital bed, he convinced Olivia that he genuinely cares for her, and that his pure, protective instinct would not tragically affect the ones she loves. Yes, his relationship with his daughter has been tumultuous over the years, and, yes, Olivia really wanted Fitz to win the election. But is killing an innocent teenager to give Olivia what she wants truly justifiable? His chilling explanation for murdering Jerry Grant proved just how cold-blooded he truly is: “He took my child so I took his.” Oh, and with all the off-screen troubles Columbus Short is going through, Harrison is definitely dead, right? Once again H has a gun in his face and once again Maya Pope is alive when she should be dead. What are you holding onto, Rowan? Haven’t we established that she doesn’t love anyone?

As much as I wanted Fitz to win the election outright, Leo’s last-minute idea to push Sally into the church rubble to bravely aid the victims of the bombing was a brilliant political move. She may be a disturbed murderer, but she knows how to live up to the reputation she’s created for herself. (Minus the killing her husband thing.) I hope Sally staying alive means we get at least one more instance of her screaming “Yum yum, crispy piggy!” next season. Huck and Quinn gave us another reason to pour bleach on our eyeballs, but Huck discovering his real family again probably means it’s the last time they’ll hump in the OPA office. David Rosen has been given access to B6-13 files so he can wear the white hat, which probably won’t make less of a target for murder.

But what about Liv? Her fixer senses must know something isn’t right. Will she stay on that plane? Is she with Jake for good? Will Harrison die? Are Maya and Rowan working together? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Help us, Kerry!

[Photo Credit: ABC]