The Ladies Of Gossip Girl Reunite At Of Mice And Men

Spotted: Blair Waldorf and her minions reunited at The Plaza Hotel. They may have all parted ways after graduation but they got back together for at least one night. Where was Serena van der Woodsen? That’s intel that only this insider knows.


Gossip Girl

At the premiere of Of Mice and Men starring Chris O’Dowd, James Franco and Leighton Meester, several of Meester’s Gossip Girl co-stars showed their support. Amanda Setton and Alice Callahan, who played Penelope Shafai and Jessica Leitenberg respectively, and Zuzanna Szadkowski, the unsuspecting “fifth” member of Blair’s crew, all attended the show’s party after opening night. The four shared smiles together giving fans a glimpse into what a possible Gossip Girl reunion episode might look like seven years later.

Also in attendance was Minka Kelly, who co-starred with Meester in The Roommate, and James Wolk, who is currently co-starring with Setton on CBS’s The Crazy Ones.

In the new play, Meester plays Curley’s Wife often referred to as the tart. The show is currently in production at the New York City Theatre until July 2014.

[Photo: Getty]