Guess The Celebrity With The Religious Tattoo

Stars love their tattoos. Obviously some more than others. Oh hey, Angelina Jolie! While Jolie is famous for her recognizable ink running down her back, there are some with lesser known tattoos that celebs are rocking. Because of Easter, we thought it was the perfect time to test our knowledge on stars with religious tattoos. In this ten-person quiz, there are crosses, Jesus and lots of dedication to one’s faith.

First up: This actress was a child star before becoming a mother of her own with another one on the way.

Drew Barrymore. The actress is due with her second child really soon!

Up next: This basketball player is the sport’s self-proclaimed “Black Jesus.”

Amar’e Stoudemire. The basketball player has been playing for the New York Knicks since 2010.

Up next: This reality star used to be a bad girl even though she has a rosary tattooed to her ankle.

Nicole Richie. The actress has toned down since becoming a mom and has an upcoming reality show on VH1.

Up next: This singer became famous more her antics on TV then her music.

Sinead O’Connor. The singer famously ripped a photo of the pope on Saturday Night Live.

Up next: He is music’s resident bad boy.

Justin Bieber. Seriously, when will he start making music instead of headlines?

Up next: If there’s one singer that has a worse reputation than Bieber, it’s the own of this tattoo.

Chris Brown…

Up next: She used to cover up her ink because she didn’t want her fans to think tattoos were cool.

Monica. The singer used to wear a band around upper arm before she expanded the tattoo.

Up next: This rosary belongs to one of the former Charmed stars.

Alyssa Milano. No longer on Charmed, the actress currently stars on ABC’s Mistresses.

Up next: He’s not on for strings.

Justin Timberlake. Though he finally tied the knot, he once promised there would be ’no strings attached.’

Up next: This footballer is probably more famous for his underwear work rather than his foot work.

David Beckham. His tattoo is flanked by ink jobs of his two sons names.

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