More Epic On-Set Feuds! 10 Actors Who Had Nothing But ‘Loathe’ For Their Directors

Movie sets are emotionally-charged situations. First of all, film directors are notoriously a snippy sort. They have a very specific vision, and — under the pressure of deadlines and budgets — they’re charged with inspiring an entire crew and cast of actors to carry it out. We’d probably be jerks, too. And on the other side of things, there are the actors — most of whom are sensitive, narcissistic creative types who need a bit of ego-stroking to produce their greatest work. And sometimes, when those two personalities come together, all hell breaks loose.

Megan Fox loathed her Transformers director, Michael Bay. Katherine Heigl famously called Judd Apatow “sexist.” And Val Kilmer actually delivered an on-set beatdown to Joel Schumacher filming Batman Forever (so sad we didn’t get to see that. No doubt it would’ve been better than the movie).

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