The 5 Greatest Fan-Made Reality TV Supercuts

Reality TV has had it’s ebbs and flows in popularity. As some the best series outlast their welcome, it’s fun to look back on all the craziness that has gone down. Thanks to super fans and the ease and power of YouTube, there supercuts of just about every moment on TV. In this genre’s case, that means collecting all of the times contestants have claimed they are not here to make friends or RuPaul telling his girls not to f*ck it up before fighting to not get eliminated. Then there are the other gems: Michael Kors best critiques on Project Runway and Jade Cole’s ridiculous quotes from America’s Next Top Model.

Every reality TV contestant explaining that he/she is “not here to make friends”
Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak started a new trend of supercuts thanks to his thorough collection of reality TV contestants telling everyone they were there to win and nothing else.
Michael Kors’ best critiques from 10 seasons of Project Runway
It’s almost a crime that Kors is no longer on fashion’s fiercest competition because his critiques were the some of the most outlandish on TV. Practically each week, fans were brought to tears from his hilariously snarky feedback.
RuPaul telling the girls, “Don’t f*ck it up”
Like Tyra Banks, RuPaul has several go-to catchphrases she utters every episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, including her final words of advice before the bottom two queens lip sync for their life.
Every secret ingredient on Iron Chef America
Fans of Iron Chef may appreciate the dramatic reveal of the competition’s secret ingredient, which is always less dramatic than the music that accompanies it.
50 quotes from Jade, America’s Next Top Model’s most polarizing contestant
Easily the most polarizing and frustrating contestant, Jade Cole reinvented the reality villain during Cycle 6. Surprisingly, it wasn’t because she was so conniving but because she always had something to say.
If you can’t get enough of reality TV show catchphrases, then watch this supercut of all best elimination sayings:
Of course, there are plenty of more supercuts out there. We love recent ones from our friends around the Internet, including Jezebel’s Real Housewives crying through botox, the best slaps by EW, House Hunters eating things on Vulture, and what’s happening at the end of the day.