Filming Off Location: Which Shows Aren’t Filmed Where They’re Set?

  • Fringe

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  • Psych

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  • House Of Cards, Veep, Scandal, and Homeland composite

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  • Reno 911

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  • The Killing

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  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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  • The Good Wife

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  • Drop Dead Diva

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  • Sons Of Anarchy

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We all know that many of our favorite shows are filmed somewhere on a Los Angeles soundstage. However, there are plenty of series that try to add doses of reality by making the cities in which they’re set an integral part of the show. But what happens when those exterior shots aren’t from the actual locations audiences are led to believe they are?

Of course, that doesn’t make us love those shows any less. Just check out our interview with the cast of the witchy series Salem, which is filmed in Louisiana, not Massachusetts. Hey, the series’ creators aren’t wrong for it — Salem is hardly only show whose title notes a location different from where it’s filmed.

So which series might be passing Vancouver off as say, Seattle? And which shows are trying to prove their credibility with a bunch of aerial montages? Browse through our gallery to find out which locations are really in the backgrounds of your favorite shows.

[Photo Credit: CBS/Netflix]