10 Years + 10 Hosts: The Most Epic Moments From Late-Night TV

We’ve seen many beloved hosts come and go, move around, and trade places… mostly with each other. The transitions ranged from public beefs like Jay Leno and David Letterman to supportive hugs between Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, and who can forget Jay and Jimmy humorously passing the torch with their West Side Story spoof duet Tonight, Tonight.” No matter how they went out or arrived, these funny men and women (represent, Chelsea Handler!) give us nightly laughs wind down with and an excuse to stay up late, eating a whole pack of ring dings (it doesn’t count if it’s that late, amiright?).

In honor of recent and major changes in late night — Stephen Colbert’s new role as the host of The Late Show as Letterman retires and Jimmy Fallon stepping up for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show — we remember some of the most iconic moments these leading men and women have brought us over the past decade.

10. Seth Meyers  The Kanye West Interview (2014)

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