Take A Seat Captain America! The Falcon’s More Our Type + More Sidekicks That Outshine Heroes

  • Captain_and_Falcon_CAPTAIN_AMERICA

    [Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment]

  • Stiles_Scott_TEEN_WOLF

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  • Cy_and_Fitz_SCANDAL

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  • Shrek_and_Donkey_SHREK

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  • Emily_and_Nolan_REVENGE

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  • Harry_and_Ron_HARRY_POTTER

    [Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

  • SHerlock_and_Watson_SHERLOCK_HOLMES

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  • Frodo_and_Sam_LOTR

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  • Batman_and_Robin

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We’re all guilty of it… We want to root for the hero, the protagonist, the leader, but sometimes their sassy sidekicks win our hearts. While the heroes are often brooding, deep and complicated souls, their sidekicks win us over in lightening the mood and getting away with a lot more. So much more fun!

From slaying dragons to defeating villains, meth operations to secret spy organizations, these acclaimed heroes wouldn’t be running ish without their kickass counterparts. In honor of the newest Captain America: The Winter Soldier installment, take a look at past years of these dynamic duos and tell us whose team you’d be on…the hero’s? Or the sidekick’s?

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.