First Dibs: Is Columbus Short Getting Kicked Off Scandal?

Who were this week’s fashion winners–and losers? Is Tom Hardy married? Is Dane DeHaan finally allowed to talk about the Green Goblin?

  • Columbus Short will not be returning to Scandal next season. There’s no word yet on whether or not his character, Harrison Wright, will live or die, but Short has been accused in real life of threatening to kill his wife. [Deadline]
  • Which celebs looked hot last week and which looked like a hot mess? Big Morning Buzz Live is breaking it down for you.
  • Tom Hardy has been referring to Charlotte Riley as his wife a lot lately, but the two aren’t married yet. The couple met on a TV production of Wuthering Heights and have been engaged since 2010. [US Weekly]
  • MTV News has been trying to get Dane DeHaan to spill on the Green Goblin for almost a year, and now that the movie’s premiered, he can open up on what we all already know: He’s the Green Goblin. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]