First Dibs: Is George Clooney Getting Married?!?

Which actor is dressing up like a lady? Is Valerie Harper getting sued for getting cancer? How would Kate Upton get revenge?

  • Hollywood’s most famous bachelor, George Clooney, is engaged! (Yes, really!) He proposed to London attorney Amal Alamuddin after only seven months of dating. [US Magazine]
  • Which hot hunk posed for a bunch of photos as a female? The Gossip Table fills you in!
  • Playwright Matthew Lombardo is suing Valerie Harper for getting brain cancer during a production of his play, Looped. Lombardo’s lawsuit blames Harper for failing to notify him that her cancer had returned, which put him in the inconvenience of finding a replacement. At the time, Harper thought she had mere months to live. [TMZ]
  • The Other Women centers on three women teaming up to get revenge on the guy cheating on all of them, but the film’s cast wouldn’t go that far in the same situation. Apparently, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz would go “boozing,” and Kate Upton would wear tight pants. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]