Last Lap: Where Has Josh Hartnett Been All These Years?

Megan Boone isn’t afraid of James Spader, Jennifer Lawrence may have gotten wasted on Oscar night, and James Franco cannot stress enough that he didn’t have sex with Lindsay Lohan.

  • Remember when Josh Hartnett was the Hollywood hottie of your high school days? It’s been years since the actor has seen that level of fame, and he now admits that he walked away from that lifestyle. “I was alone, I didn’t trust anyone,” said Josh. Guess he was built to live a simpler life! [Us Magazine]
  • What happened when Megan Boone had to hold her own against James Spader on their series, The Blacklist? The actress tells Big Morning Buzz Live about working with a major Hollywood star.
  • Jennifer Lawrence may have had too much fun at an Oscar party. The actress allegedly got really drunk and blew chunks, with Miley Cyrus scolding her for her behavior. J. Law, if Miley is criticizing you, then you know it’s bad. [Perez Hilton]
  • James Franco is adamant about never having slept with Lindsay Lohan. He’s even willing to “swear on [his] mother’s life” that he and the Mean Girls star never did the do. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]