Cash Money! The 10 Most Successful Reality Stars Turned Business Moguls

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Was Snooki drunk when she “wrote” her books? Will my butt look like Kim’s in the Kardashian Kollection? Will Skinny Girl help us shred a few? They may have gotten into a few bar fights, pulled each other’s hair, or cursed America out on national TV, but these stars sure did take advantage of their broadcast leverage and turned their 15 minutes of reality fame into multimillion dollar fortunes. While we  once may have mercilessly laughed at them, these numbers are no joke.

No matter how credible their ventures may be, stars from RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice to The HillsKristin Cavallari are racking in the big bucks for their ideas that essentially, any one else could have come up with. In a blink of an eye, reality stars can go from dancing on bars to leading business meetings, and shock us all by turning to Donald Trumps of the world overnight. Got a business idea? Be on a reality show! Sky’s the limit when you’re already somewhat famous…

If The Real World is holding auditions, sign us up.

[Photo: Getty Images/Running Press]


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