Kim Kardashian Squashes Wedding Rumors In Twitter Tirade

If you can’t get enough of the gossip and speculation surrounding Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West, you’re definitely not alone. However, it sounds like Kim is fed up with the rumors that are getting caught up in the mix, and today, she decided to take a stand.

Hey, you can’t blame the public for chatting about the upcoming nuptials — the Kimye wedding will obviously be the most talked about event of the year! Even our panelists from The Gossip Table couldn’t help but give their two cents, judging from the video below.

So basically, Kim told us a couple of things about the wedding, via Twitter. First, she and Kanye are definitely not hitched yet. Also, they aren’t planning to film the ceremony, no guest list has been formally released, and Kim claims any photos appearing to show her in her wedding dress are fake.

We figure Kim could’ve just told us these facts without a Kanye-style Twitter rant. But when you think about it, maybe it proves they’re actually a match after all!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]