Can Zac Efron And Rose Byrne Recreate Seth Rogen’s Iconic Laugh?

Seth Rogen has one of the most recognizable laughs in Hollywood. It’s a full-bodied, guttural sound that’s become an important supporting player in all of his projects. And new film Neighbors is no different.

Set in a college town, the party-driven, bare-chested spectacle is full of big-time laughter. Given Rogen’s tendency to literally LOL on set and in real life, we’d imagine his colleagues have heard enough of his laugh over the years to have their own impressions down cold. They are performers, after all. We asked the Neighbors cast to give us their best attempt at recreating Rogen’s iconic chuckle. It’s harder than it looks, and the actor with the best impression might surprise you. But in the end, watching his castmates impersonate his giggle (and for the most part, fail) only makes Rogen laugh more. So… everybody wins?

Check out Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco and more giving us their own version of the Rogen laugh in the video above.