First Dibs: Who’s Melissa McCarthy’s Girl Crush?

Is Shannen Doherty disputing a tale from a former Beverly Hills 90210 co-star? Aisha Tyler tells us about her favorite selfies, and fans get to see the first stills from the next Hunger Games flick.

  • We already love Melissa McCarthy, but now we’ve found a new reason to relate to her even more. The actress admitted her love for Girls and for Lena Dunham! We totally agree with her! [People]
  • Big Morning Buzz Live has dug up some of Aisha Tyler’s selfies — what can she reveal in the stories behind the pics?
  • Jason Priestly has released a new book, and one excerpt doesn’t paint Shannen Doherty in the most favorable light. But is Shannen railing against her 90210 brother? Nah, she just said she doesn’t totally remember the incident in question and is willing to leave the past in the past. [E!]
  • The first part of Mockingjay is almost here, people! And while we wait for the next Hunger Games film to hit theaters in the fall, you can check out new photos from the movie to get a sense of what’s in store. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]