I Love You, I’m Dying: 10 Movie Romances That End in Untimely Death

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Everybody loves a good love story — the kind that tugs at your heart, for real. The kind that makes you believe that the truest love transcends all obstacles! In the movies, there’s absolutely no more effective way to make this point than to have one-half of the couple die tragically.

The Fault in Our Stars, the film version of the massively popular YA novel,  has currently captivated the nation with it’s story of two beautiful teen cancer patients who fall in love in a support group (we won’t spoil it, but you know it doesn’t end well). But it follows some true giants in the tragic love story genre. Titanic, where Leo ends up expiring in the Atlantic, starring in his own personal version of Frozen. Love Story, where Ali MacGraw dies prettily of leukemia and leaves Ryan O’Neal a wreck — but not before starting a zillion ’70s fashion trends in the process. Moulin Rouge, where just as soon as Ewan McGregor gets the girl (Nicole Kidman), she dies of tuberculosis.

We love to love these tear-jerkers! Here, check out our ten favorite doomed romances.

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