Last Lap: Why Was Ryan Gosling Booed?

Dean Cain tells us about using Playboy for Hit the Floor research, a Disney darling speaks out, and an intruder stole WHAT from George Clooney’s villa?

  • Ryan Gosling booed! How DARE they?! Apparently the folks at the Cannes Film Festival didn’t dig the actor’s directional debut (Lost River) as much as we do his abs.  [Yahoo!]
  • Things are heating up on and off the court this season on Hit the Floor. Dean Cain came by Big Morning Buzz Live to tell us what it’s like playing a basketball coach amidst all the drama. How much do you think he knows about the game?
  • Following the footsteps of Disney grads like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez can put pressure on up-and-comers like Bella Thorne. The public constantly compares her to these other celebrities, who we’ve seen take their careers in very… interesting… directions. Her reaction? “I’m just being me.” Ain’t nobody got time for that! [MTV News]
  • Yesterday, a 29-year-old man attempted to rob George Clooney’s Italian villa and went straight for… the wine cellar? Luckily, one of Clooney’s staff members eyed the alleged intruder while making his way over to the main house. Worst. Burglar. Ever.  [E]

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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