First Dibs: Was Ashton Kutcher A Mechanic In A Past Life?

Christina Ricci has major news, Terry Crews gets a phone call from an entertainment legend, and we find out why January Jones shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

  • Having your car break down on the road is pretty distressing, but having Ashton Kutcher rescue you makes it all better! The actor spotted some people in need of help while in Los Angeles, and while it’s clear his skills as a mechanic are far from intuitive, it’s cool Ashton was eventually able to help out. [TMZ]
  • With Terry Crews about to take the reins as the new host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, he might need a lifeline from a helpful friend before he gets started. Who called Big Morning Buzz Live to give Terry some advice?
  • Mad Men’s January Jones has told the world why she hates taking selfies while driving. Not to mention the fact that she should actually be paying attention to the road, the actress says the impromptu pics make her look “distracted.” Let’s just say, she won’t be driving us around anytime soon! [Huffington Post]
  • Christina Ricci is pregnant! Photographers snapped pictures of the actress in Los Angeles, and she soon confirmed that she was indeed expecting a little bundle of joy. Congratulations! [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]