These Surprise Celebrity Wedding Guests Are Better Than A Chocolate Fountain

If you set out to do anything in this life, it should be to spot Bill Murray in the wild. The legendary actor has repeatedly gained attention for popping up in random places, be it a New York dive bar or an intimate house party. So the news that he crashed the Memorial Day weekend bachelor party among a group of Boston College grads is par for the course. But what other big names have shown up to nuptials uninvited?

Bill Murray wasn’t the first notable guest to make a wedding event all about him. And unlike Taylor Swift’s Cape Cod escapades, not every celeb who shows up is met with long stares and nervous whispers. From John Travolta to Justin Bieber, check out a list of famous faces who’ve crashed celebrations of marital bliss, below.

Bill Murray

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The man with a penchant for showing up in unexpected places (and partying) was the highlight of a recent Charleston bachelor party. After declining free drinks from an eager group of bachelor party attendees, Murray ended up joining the 20-person dinner and even made a toast:

If you have someone that you think is the one, don’t just sort of think in your ordinary mind and think, “Oh OK, let’s make a date. Let’s plan this and make a party and get married.” Take that person and travel around the world. Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all around the world and go to places that are hard to go to and hard to get out of. And if when you come back to JFK — when you land in JFK and you’re still in love with that person, get married at the airport.

Picking the groom up over their shoulders was just extra.


John Travolta

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Danny Zuko ran into a bride and groom-to-be before their wedding and politely posed for pictures. The next day, he was nice enough to make a cameo during their ceremony so that their official wedding photos can be that much nicer than those of their Facebook frenemies.



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