First Dibs: Does Chris Evans Have A New Lady In His Life?

What did Chris D’Elia watch on TV when he was a kid? Is Walter White still alive? And did movie critics fall in love with Maleficent?

  • Is Captain America dating America’s sweetheart? The rumor mill has been stirred up by tales of Chris Evans hooking up with Sandra Bullock. Could it be true? [E!]
  • Chris D’Elia tells Big Morning Buzz Live what he loved to watch on television when he was young. And let’s just say, Chris obviously grew up faster than the rest of us!
  • During a recent interview, Bryan Cranston floated a possibility for Breaking Bad fans to jump all over. The actor hinted that his beloved antihero, Walter White, may not actually be dead. So does that mean Walt will show up on the Better Call Saul spinoff series? [CNN]
  • Angelina Jolie looks beautifully terrifying as the star of Maleficent. But does that mean she was able to win over critics with her star power? [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]