On The Run: Pop Culture’s Most Dangerous Couples

  • Sightseers

  • The Honeymoon Killers

  • Gun Crazy

  • Bound Violet and Corky

  • Rihanna and Shy Ronnie

  • Léon and Mathilda

  • Spike and Drusilla

  • Heathers Veronica and JD

  • True Romance Clarence and Alabama

  • Thelma and Louise

  • Frank and Roxy God Bless America

  • Beyonce and Lady Gaga in Telephone

  • Jules and Vince In Pulp Fiction

  • Britney Spears Criminal

  • Natural Born Killers

  • Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne

  • Kit and Holly Badlands

  • Ja Rule And Charli Baltimore

  • Bonnie and Clyde Faye Dunaway Warren Beatty

  • Beyonce Jay Z Run

It’s a tale as old as Bonnie and Clyde: crime is better when committed in pairs. With Jay Z and Beyoncé about to launch their “On the Run” tour, and with their faux-film trailer starring the pair as gun toting criminals, we’ve had dangerous couples on the brain. Of course there’s a sexiness to pop culture’s most dangerous couples, but some of them are just best friends, or unlikely odd couples. From Ja Rule and Charli Baltimoe to Natural Born Killers Mickey and Mallory; from Pulp Fictions’ murderous Jules and Vince to the crazy yet somehow adorable Clarence and Alabama, we’ve compiled a list of pop culture’s most lethal couples.

Whether they’re robbing banks, careening through a high speed police chase or burying bodies, these killer couples all end up on the run. Their stories may not end well, but the thrill of following them on-screen has kept us in rapt suspense. They might be the bad guys, but they’re our favorite paired bad guys. Check out our gallery for the dangerous pop culture couples we love to fear…