What Just Happened? The Most Painfully Awkward Moments From Celebrity Interviews

The art of the interview… Some hosts have mastered this technique, and some have not. Awkward moments in celebrity interviews are like a car crash: we cringe watching them, yet we can’t look away. What happens when stars and journalists share these uncomfortable moments? Internet gold that lives on for all of eternity.

We love that interviews allow us to get up, close and personal looks at big name celebrities we admire, but sometimes these looks are too close. And let’s face it; considering the superstar status most of these celebrities wield, they don’t necessarily have to play nice.

Some celebrities take a not-so-subtle public approach in feuds à la Bruce Jenner and Jimmy Fallon style, while others like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have straight up stormed out. Sometimes, we wonder just how many drugs a certain celebrity is on… since we actually have no idea what they’re saying. Some celebrity behavior is completely bizarre (WTF was Joaquin Phoenix doing on David Letterman?) and some need a little extra time to collect their thoughts (see the Pharrell Williams interview above). Of course, you have Charlie Sheen who will always make journalists feel the most uncomfortable. #Winning.

Try not to cringe during these infamously uncomfortable moments from celebrity interviews.

Bruce Jenner Confronts Jimmy Fallon (2013)
We all know Bruce Jenner’s face is tighter than a pair of spandex shorts from the ’80s, but just don’t tell him that. After Jimmy Fallon made jokes about all of the facial plastic surgery Bruce has undergone, the two apparently had a tiff during the London Olympics and Jenner told the late night host to “stop saying sh-t” about his face. If you thought Bruce was going on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote the 8th season of KUWTK, you are very, very wrong.

Tom Cruise Jumps on Oprah’s Couch (2005)

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