Last Lap: Which Celeb Is Jarvis (Literally) Falling For?

Chris O’Donnell tells us about Al Pacino’s love advice, Charlie Hunnam opens up about his 50 Shades of Grey regret, and is Kellan Lutz an entrepreneur in the making?

  • Who wouldn’t go weak at the knees over British actor, Jared Harris?! Our own Jarvis sure did! Tune in to Jarvis In The Elevator tomorrow at noon on to see how it all went down!
  • Al Pacino’s infamous Scarface quote, “Say hello to my little friend”, may be upstaged by a new quote of his: “Don’t ever marry an actress!” At least that’s what NCIS star Chris O’Donnell may think after he received such advice from his fellow actor. Watch him dish on more of his favorite behind-the-scenes stories from past projects in the game Credit Check on Big Morning Buzz Live.
  • Does Charlie Hunnam regret passing up the role of Christian Grey? Sort of. He said not being able to play the role is “heartbreaking”, but unfortunately for him, it just didn’t work out. He said, “I felt like I had an interesting take on that character and felt like I could have done a good job of playing Christian Grey.” Do you agree? [E!]
  • Will we see Kellan Lutz on Shark Tank anytime soon?! Unfortunately, probably not. The actor stopped by Conan on Monday and told us about his brilliant alcoholic freeze pops idea… that he came up with while, well, getting pretty drunk himself. Although his notes from his “aha” moment were too sloppy, we think he may be on to something!  [MTV News]
Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.