VH1 Vintage: Tom Cruise Had No Regrets About Jumping For Joy Over Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise will always be one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Like it or not, but no amount of Scientology talk can take away the success of films like Top Gun or the Mission Impossible franchise. Even his memorable behavior on the Oprah Winfrey Show has only strengthened his status as a pop culture touchstone in recent years. (Example: When someone becomes overzealous about a new love, or tries to sell a relationship too hard, they are obviously Cruise-in’ it.) But that was in 2005. Cruise had no regrets about his jumping on the queen of media’s television couch then, and he probably doesn’t now… right?

In a delicious clip from our archives, a ’05 Cruise defends his decision to gush about his then-fiance, Katie Holmes, and shares some details about their Parisian proposal. Sorry, Kimye. You weren’t the first to find love in the City of Lights!

The mega-star’s latest film, Edge of Tomorrow (in theaters June 6), is getting strong reviews, so let’s remember a time when Cruise was on top of the world in more ways than one. Of course, things didn’t end well for TomKat. At least they gave us daughter Suri, and as a result, Suri’s Burn Book. Go back in time with this vintage clip, and remember that exact moment when things started taking a turn for the weird.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]