Transformation Tuesday: The Greatest Teen Movie Makeovers Of All Time

  • ShesAllThat

  • Grease

  • MeanGirls

  • ShesTheMan

  • Encino

  • NeverBeen

  • JohnTucker

  • EasyA

  • Princess

  • JAw

  • HouseBunny

  • Clueless

  • BC

  • LoveBball

  • NewGuy


  • MissCon

  • Devil

  • UglyT

  • PrettyW

Cue the cheesy music, slow motion entrance, and instant popularity- it’s the classic movie makeover! Yeah, yeah, we know the most important lesson in life is that what’s on the inside matters, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc. etc. but we can’t get to the moral of the story without a makeover montage that really teaches us the lesson to come. Right?

There are countless teen movies and rom-coms where we see beasts turn to babes and zeros to heroes, and as corny as they may be, they’re still entertaining as hell. While most times, we see the protagonist undergo this change to get the guy/girl or for popularity (on Wednesdays, we wear pink), some are for those outgrowing a phase of life, such as shy student turned royal princess or a hooker turned… not a hooker.

We have the complete guide of these pivotal points in movies we not-so-secretly love, from Laney Boggs’s staircase entrance to Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me” in She’s All That, to Sandy’s “Tell me about it… stud” moment in Grease, take a look back at these moments we’re all guilty of enjoying. Besides, a little waxing and makeup never hurt anybody…

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