Billionaires Who Dress Like Bums: 14 Rich People Who Need To Buy Some Style

By: Christopher Rosa

The world’s super-rich can afford pretty much anything. A gold  iPhone case just for kicks? Done.  Tiny, unnecessary diamond shavings on a chocolate cake? You got it. So, why is it that some of Earth’s top earners can’t hire…ya know, a stylist?

It’s quite baffling, really. These high rollers have the best fashion has to offer at their fingertips, but they insist on wrapping themselves in bed sheets (keeping their bedheads, of course) and calling it a day. From notorious fashion violators like Mark Zuckerberg and Mary-Kate Olsen (who works in fashion) to businessmen who forgot the no-casual-Fridays memo, these multi-millionaires—and, ahem, billionaires—look like they  scored their dubs from what Miranda Priestly calls a “tragic casual corner.” Heavy on the tragic.

Don’t believe us? Check out these horrendous outfits. According to “The Real Housewives of New York City’s” Countess Luann, money can’t buy you class. It also can’t buy you style, either.