VH1’s 2014 World Cup Round 1: The Best Soccer Abs

-By Christopher Rosa 

 The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off June 12, and for one month Americans pretend to care about soccer (C’mon, you were all thinking it). One thing none of us have to fake, however, is our love for hot soccer players running on the field and doing things like “bicycle kicks” and “punting.” What is this foreign language? In celebration of this glorious event, we here at VH1 decided to start our own little version of the FIFA World Cup. But instead of focusing on trivial things like goals and penalties, we’re getting down to the essentials, starting with hot bodies–duh.  

And it’s time for round one: Shirtless dudes! Whether you have a love for rippling six packs, hulking biceps or the trim and toned look, the FIFA World Cup players have a little something for everyone. And we couldn’t be more grateful! Take a look through the the gallery of soccer gods and vote for your favorites in the poll below. Then tune in next Tuesday for the second (and even hotter) round!

[Photo: Getty Images]