First Dibs: How Have 10 Out + Proud #SocialTrailblazers Made A Difference?

Jaime King lets it all out (and by all, we mean boobs), Jimmy Fallon’s cover of People is a can’t-miss, and will Dumb and Dumber To live up to it’s high expectations?

  • Unique, funny, heartfelt youths that want to make a difference? We’re in! Leading up to Logo’s Trailblazers special airing June 26th, the network is praising the hard work and effort of 10 young LGBT innovators who have used social media to spread awareness of several LGBT issues and further help their causes. Take a look at their kick ass profiles and vote for your favorite here. The winner will even be announced during the special!
  • Are breastfeeding pics on Instagram TMI? Actress Jaime King obviously doesn’t think so.  Nick Lachey, Christine Lakin and Nikki Glaser give their two cents on the issue.  That’s a lot o’boob for virgin eyes.
  • Hot guy with baby alert! Funnyman Jimmy Fallon holds his beautiful baby daughter Winnie Rose on the cover of People’s Father’s Day issue. Their adorable matching suits? We. Can’t! [ET]
  • Harry and Lloyd are back! And dumber than ever? Finally, we get a peak at Dumb and Dumber To with the release of the official trailer. Will the hilarious pair “totally redeem” themselves from past attempted sequel (that epically failed)? Watch now to decide! [MTV News]
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