The Most Adorable Celebrity Dads

  • Chris Pratt & Jack

  • Neil Patrick Harris & Harper

  • Matthew McConaughey & Levi & Vida

  • Vivanne & Eric Decker

  • Matt Bomer & Henry & Walker

  • River & Aras Baskaukas

  • Ricky Martin & Matteo & Valentino

  • Will Arnett & Archibald

  • Jason Sudeikis & Otis

  • Georgia & Joe Nichols

  • Maddox & Brad Pitt

  • David Beckham & Cruz

  • Jack Black & Thomas & Samel

  • Eric Johnson & Maxwell & Ace

  • Lenna – Benjamin “Coach” Wade

When it comes to Hollywood, the most rewarding role has to be fatherhood. No Oscar or magazine cover shoot can replace the rewards and joy of being a father. Just ask any one of the 15 celebs that appear on our list of most adorable dads. They have time and time again demonstrated that their kids are a priority for them. Whether it’s taking them to red carpet premieres, joining them for holiday celebrations or just even enjoying some one-on-one time with their kids, these dads know how to make their kids feel like a star.

Of course, there are a number of celebrity dads that melt our hearts with their chiseled abs and heartwarming personalities but these dads truly are adorable, making us utter “awwww” when we see photos of them with their kids. It’s not everyday that Chris Pratt, Neil Patrick Harris or David Beckham is your baby daddy. And frankly, we’re jealous but love seeing them so happy.

While you check out the gallery of Hollywood’s finest fathers, watch the men of Backstreet Boys and Pete Wentz talk about what fatherhood means to them:

Happy Father’s Day!