Moments From The Ashlee Simpson Show That Remain Frozen In Time

— By Emily Exton and Christopher Rosa

Did “Shadow” just get you? Are you an emotional brunette trapped in a bubbly blonde’s body? Did Ryan Cabrera’s frosted tips make you weak in the knees? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you probably miss The Ashlee Simpson Show more than we do.

In 2004 MTV launched a reality series around Ashlee Simpson, which introduced us to Jessica’s younger sister who tried at every opportunity to remind viewers that she wasn’t like the Newlyweds star. It’s been 10 years since the first episode, and while a lot has changed — including her hair color, nose and status as a recording artist — there are a handful of essential Ashlee moments that will remained ingrained in our brains forever.

With her tomboy ways and goofy sense of humor, Ashlee represented the second child in all of us. Following in the footsteps of a sister whose pin-up girl curves and booming voice launched her to superstardom couldn’t be easy, and Ashlee’s Everywoman personality resonated with fans. Check out 10 things we’ll never forget about the great reality series, and then take Autobiography for a spin.

1. Ashlee was blonde.

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She’s experimented with different colors over the years, but at the start of her reality series, Jessica’s younger sister was just a former ballerina from Texas with platinum blonde hair.

2. Her first boyfriend was perfect (on the outside).

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Ashlee was dating Josh Henderson, who appeared as a contestant on the WB series Popstars and now stars on Dallas. Together, Josh and Ashlee looked like the Prom King and Queen of Young Hollywood. And when they broke up, she found herself awash in Serious Songwriting Inspiration.

3. Ashlee’s collection of sassy graphic t-shirts and Volcom swag kept stores like PacSun in business. 

Comfort first!

4. Ashlee preferred tomboy styles so much that Jessica had to remind her that she’s not a boy.

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