Hot Or Not? A Complete Guide To Today’s MLB All Stars

  • Detroit Tigers

    HOT: Al Alburquerque NOT: Phil Coke

    On this team of Tigers, Al’s truly one who could make us rawr.

    [Photo Credit: Getty]

It’s the time of year for tight uniforms, fit bodies and home runs to be scored. That’s right, it’s baseball season! We all know the greatest attribute of this fine brand of athletes is the baseball boo-tay, but today we’re focusing on a different aspect of these hotties.

While members of the MLB are tremendous athletes (for the most part), sometimes, their looks aren’t as quite up to par as their talent. In other words, there are some major league baseball players that we would happily score a home run with, and others we would choose to sit one out on the bench. Baseball stars like Starling Marte, Joe Mauer and Sean Rodriquez could take us out to their ballgame any day, but unfortunately, we may use a rain check on some of their teammates.

While we admire all of these players for the great talent they truly posses, we may fancy some just a tad bit more. We love a man in uniform, but some just pull it off that much better than others. No judgment. Check out the gallery to see the hottest of the hot in MLB today, and their teammates, who.. well.. may not be as fortunate in that department.