30 Crazy Moments That Show Why Khloe Kardashian Is Our Favorite Kardashian

By Christopher Rosa 

Happy birthday, Khloe Kardashian! The outspoken reality television star turns the big 3-0 today, and we couldn’t be more thankful for Lady K’s existence in our lives. Not only is Khloe the only Kardashian that seems…erm, human, she’s funny as hell with a tongue sharper than Kim’s fingernails after a manicure (that Khloe totally gives her s–t for…see #3). Television would be significantly less fun (and the Kardashians way less bearable) if it wasn’t for Khloe. In honor of  her special day, we’ve compiled 30 of Khloe’s wackiest (and occasionally NSFW) moments that show just why we adore her so much. Here’s hoping she continues to spice up the small screen with her shenanigans for many years to come. Cheers, Khloe! Hope your b-day celebration is as fabulous as you are.

30. Her phrases are pure gold.

29. She has body image issues like the rest of us (even though she’s drop dead gorgeous).

28. But still knows the truth at the end of the day.

27. She’s an awkward individual who does things like wear winter hats and clench her teeth (been there, girl).

26. She understands the drama and fierceness of a perfectly timed death drop.

25. She also thought it was hilarious when this happened. (We see that almost-laugh, Khloe!)

24. She turns the rude things people say about her into fun personal vocabulary.

23. She understands the importance of The Maury Show and has probably spent a few Wednesday mornings watching it.

22. She poses with pregnant bellies like a boss.

21. She has a very important message for the youths.

20. She knows when everyone in her loud family needs to STFU.

19. Ignorant people grind her gears.

18. She knows when to live on the edge.

17. Her social anxieties are felt by all. We hate people too, dude.

16. She has no time for basics.

15. Sarcasm and deadpan are not lost on her. Girl after our own hearts.

14. She appreciates an opportunity to throw shade and rhyme while doing it.

13. She knows when she looks hot and she’s not afraid say it.

12. Sometimes, she only needs two words to get her point across. Ya heard.

11. Her tiny head movements don’t go unnoticed.

10. She knows what we’re all thinking on Fridays. She’s thinking it too.

9. Like us, she doesn’t know what’s going on ever.

8. She’s a kick-ass aunt who makes awesome faces when she feeds her nephew.

7. Her side-eye is legendary and heightened by her dramatic bun.

6. She knows that the best language is unspoken.

5. She’s guarded and scared to fall in love (we feel ya). But if anyone deserves someone fantastic,  it’s Khloe.

4. She’s not afraid to call Kris out on her bullsh**t.

3. And Kim’s, too.

2. This happened. And you know Khloe was beaming.


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