Wigging Out: The Most Iconic Hairpieces in Pop Culture

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Wigs are freedom! Who doesn’t want to take a break from their God-given mousy brown hair and wear totally unbelievable green curls now and then? Gaga does. Who wouldn’t love to rebel against their long locks and rock a short pixie for a week or so? Mindy Kaling certainly did it. On TV, in the movies, and on the red carpet, celebs have always embraced wigging out — it gives them a chance to try on different personas, stretch their wings and mask receding hairlines. And we love every minute of it.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite wigs in recent pop culture history. From fabulous ones (like Keri Russell’s spy-disguise stash on The Americans) to howlingly bad-on-purpose rugs (like the ones in Behind the Candelabra, which looked like they had a pulse), we take a look at the best wigs, the worst wigs, and a couple in-between. Totally hair-raising!