First Dibs: The First Still Of Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey Is Here! Is It As Sexy As You Had Hoped?

Which countries ban their players from getting it on during the World Cup? Is Quentin Tarantino writing a comic book? Why did Kevin Hart totally freak out?

  • It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Finally, we get a taste of how the iconic Christian Grey is being brought to life. Focus Features released the very first still of Jamie Dornan as the sexy business tycoon, and it’s up, close and personal! Well, not as much as we’d like, but at least it’s something to hold us over for the next eight months. A preview? He’s wearing a black, tight leather jacket. We repeat: black, tight, leather. [MTV News]
  • Players of the World Cup may get lucky on the field, but have no such luck when the clock runs out. While some countries allow their players to partake in any X-rated activity their hearts desire between games, others completely ban any fooling around. Germany, Spain and the good ol’ USA are some of the countries that allow players to engage in sex, while Russia, Chile and Mexico limit their players’s physical activity to be on the field only. [E!]
  • Leave it to Hollywood legend Quentin Tarantino to bring two epic heroes together… in a comic book series. The writer/director is co-writing Django/Zorro, bringing the worlds of the Academy Award-winning Django Unchained and pop culture phenomenon Zorro together. The series will be released later this year. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Late night host Jimmy Fallon showed us a side of comedian Kevin Hart that we’ve never seen before. Fallon learned that one of the actor’s biggest fears was roller coasters, so naturally, he brought him on one and filmed it. You won’t want to miss this! [BuzzFeed]

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