Clark Gregg Vs. Tom Hiddleston Is The Dance-Off The World Deserves

After years in the both the Joss Whedon and Marvel universes, Clark Gregg has some perspective on this whole business we call show. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Trust Me star got real during a recent Twitter Q&A, revealing that the best ice cream flavor to accurately describe Hollywood life is none other than rocky road. Sorry, but life is sadly not always filled with rainbow sprinkles.

Clark also made it known to VH1’s Ellie Lee that he lays it down on the dance floor — but not necessarily in a Tom Hiddleston sort of way. “I’m not going to lie, Hiddleston’s dance skills are formidable, they are now widely known. They are of a different, more Euro-style than, say, the kinda funky, down-home, Parliament-Funkadelic moves that I bring to the table,” he explained. Guys, guys. There’s room for both of your dancing styles in our book! Between picturing those moves, that self-deprecating sense of humor in the act and a leather jacket, we’re starting to feel a little warm in here. You’ll never be a loser to us, Clark.

Check out Clark’s Q&A in full by watching the video above.

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