Oh Baby! The 10 Creepiest Pregnancies In Pop Culture History

Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful time. Lots of cuddling with your baby-daddy (or same-sex partner, whatever your sitch is), all the ice cream you want, attention from strangers. Not to mention the anticipation of delivering your very own, ultra-special baby human into the world. All true, but it’s also sort of scary. Who will this kid be? Will the delivery be a bloody, medieval mess? Will the child turn out to be a homicidal killer? Will you be expected to love it anyway? No wonder an entire sub genre of film and TV horror has been devoted to creepy-evil pregnancies (like Rosemary’s Baby and Village of the Damned). When Halle Berry’s new TV series, Extant, debuts on July 9th — where she plays an astronaut who returns from space, inexplicably pregnant, after a year away — we’ll get a taste of the latest version of maternity terror thrills.

From Alien (where a tiny, extraterrestrial humanoid explodes out of John Hurt’s chest) to Prophecy (where Talia Shire carries the world’s most evil pollution-mutated monster, ever), let’s take a look at the scariest pregnancy movies of all time.

Okay, so those maternity stories might be the stuff of nightmares, but check out some of your favorite celebrities’ most memorable pregnancy moments: