Khloe’s Leprechaun Look, Fearn’s Mismatched Mess + More Worst-Dressed Stars

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Oversized bow ties, smocks and capes… Some of these stars missed the memo on basic fashion no’s. And whoever thought breastfeeding was the hot, new red carpet accessory was seriously mistaken.

Khloe Kardashian seems to have forgotten what month it is after she was seen channeling her St. Patty’s look this week. British TV personality Fern Cotton looks like she got dressed in the dark once the cameras stopped rolling. Jesse Camp was MTV’s first, but certainly not most stylish VJ, and there’s more where that came from at this week’s MuchMusic Awards.

Check out our gallery to see which stars chose getups that made us shake our heads with disappointment. Some fashion choices this week displayed TMI (hint: you may see a nipple… with a baby on it) or not enough (art smocks should be worn in the classroom ONLY).

Then, take our poll to decide who’s truly the worst-dressed of them all.

Who Is This Week’s Worst-Dressed Celebrity?

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