Think Twice Before You Follow: The Biggest Celebrity Douchebags On Twitter

  • Azaelia

  • JasonBiggs

  • JustinBieber

  • MIley

  • JohnMayer

  • CharlieSheen

  • Kanye

  • Joan

  • PerezHilton

It’s hard to think anyone could ever upstage Amanda Bynes (pre-rehab) when it comes to public dissing and humiliation on Twitter. These celebrities, however, sadly provide us with some solid entertainment thanks to their ridiculous tweets and give Miss Bynes a serious run for her money.

Justin Bieber should probably post one more shirtless selfie, since the other 4,387 just aren’t cutting it. Jason Biggs is definitely on a mission to see how many people he can offend (good luck with that, we lost count). We knew John Mayer had a reputation of being the ultimate d-bag, but seeing his thoughts written out is just really an unfortunate circumstance for everyone. Azealia Banks takes way too much pride in openly talking sh*t, and believe us when we say, Kanye’s over-the-top rants are NOT restricted to interviews. Thank you, David Alan Grier, for taking the rapper’s ridiculous tweets and making us hate them just a little bit less (see video above).

Yes, all of these celebrities should have their tweeting rights banned for life, but who should be crowned royal douchebag of them all? Take a look at our gallery above, and we’ll let you decide.



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