Would Your Cheesy Pick Up Line Work On Ryan Gosling? Love Doctor Jenny Slate Investigates

Jenny Slate, the former Saturday Night Live star and creator of popular video, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, is having a breakout moment. As stand-up comedian Donna Stern in Obvious Child, Slate’s character bounces back from heartache the way every modern woman does: by meeting a nice, young gentleman at a bar. What comes next is worth the ticket price — and the subject of a recent censorship debate — but her initial contact with Max (Jake Lacy) proves just how fruitful even the silliest of drunken conversations can be.

But what if you’re not the star of a well-received Sundance hit? Does your tipsy banter give you the same shot at lifelong happiness? Yes, you, too can find love at your local watering hole. Just follow Jenny’s advice on how to execute a proper pick up line, especially if you plan on hitting on someone like Ryan Gosling.

To help increase the amount of love in the world, we asked Jenny to evaluate some of the best and worst pick up lines VH1’s Ellie Lee had to offer. They might be cheesy, yes, but they’re surprisingly effective — even when used on Academy Award nominees. Get some help in the love department by watching the video above.