Sexy On The Sidelines: The Hottest Fans At The 2014 FIFA World Cup

By Sarah M. Smith

The 2014 FIFA World Cup may not have cheerleaders, but it sure does attract some of the world’s hottest fans. Every four years, the super sexy soccer enthusiasts flood the stadium, bringing their team spirit, too. Shirtless men with flags and ladies with exposed midriffs and short-shorts – soccer fans certainly know how to bring the heat!

Colombian supporters aren’t hard to miss in their bright yellow jerseys, while Croatia’s checks are even more eye-catching. We can’t forget England’s red-hot chaps with their spicy accents and Italy’s tall, dark and handsome ragazzi. Oh, and of course we have to give it to the U-S of A for sporting stars and stripes while still looking like complete smoke shows. Let’s hope the footballers can keep their heads in the game despite these sideline distractions. Head up to the gallery above and take a look at this year’s World Cup stadium studs!

[Photo: Getty Images]