VH1 Celebrity Matchmaker: Who We Think Selena Gomez Should Ditch The Biebs For

She’s got beauty and talent, so why is she STILL hanging around with a trouble making amateur? Seriously, we’re not even sure if he’s finished going through puberty… Selena Gomez should kick Justin Bieber to the curb and get with one of these Hollywood hotties, recommended by yours truly.

After years of an on-again-off-again relationship, we’re thinking it’s time to cut the cord and move on. Seriously, #OverIt. Selena needs a nice, mature man (keyword: man) that will treat her right! Can we get an Amen, Selenators?! The last thing she needs is a punk who pees in public and drag races for fun… let’s get it together. Not to mention he was probably a large factor in causing the 21-year-old to “lose sight” of who she was and voluntarily admit herself into rehab earlier this year. Need we say more? We don’t blame her for almost jumping into the arms of the older hunk Orlando Bloom earlier this year, and as you can see in the video below, our Gossip Table hosts agree.

After recent rumors ignited about the two reuniting, we feel someone should really put a stop to this Jelena business. We’re going to show the pop princess that there are many more eligible bachelors out there that she can happily cozy up to. See our choices, take your pick and vote for whoever you think would be the best match in our poll below. You can thank us later, Selena! We got you, girl.

Bachelor #1: Dave Franco, 29

Dave Franco is a bro, but not bro-y enough that he’s on Justin Bieber’s level. Make sense? Like Selena, he likes to have a good time, but he’s got his sh*t together. He’s would always make her laugh and he’s just downright adorable, and what girl doesn’t want that?

Who Should Be Selena’s New Man?

Bachelor #2: Liam Hemsworth, 24

We could see a catch like Liam running away from wild child Miley Cyrus and straight into the arms of a sweetheart like Selena. And since these two Disney darlings have gone head-to-head in an ongoing, nasty feud lately, we think it’s pretty safe to say the whole “don’t date your friend’s ex” rule is out the window.

Bachelor #3: Dylan Sprouse, 21 

You may think he’s a Justin Bieber #2, but hear us out. Selena can get a little cray, and we like that. We know Dylan would too. Yes, he posted a nude selfie (with his man business… ALL of his man business) on the Internet, but we think Selena would have fun while along for the ride. Although they’re the same age, she seems more mature than Dylan, which also makes us think it’d be a fun change to spice things up by having her calls the shots in the relationship. Show him who’s boss, lady!

Bachelor #4: Jake Gyllenhaal, 33

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t a singer and he’s much older, which makes him the perfect candidate for Miss Gomez. The actor hasn’t had a long-term, serious relationship in a minute and we think he’s someone who would treat a lady like Selena right. Plus, those dimples.

Bachelor #5: Theo James, 29

To get her out of this Justin Bieber cycle that never ends, we really think Selena should shake up her dating ways. Maybe she should explore a different country enturely… across the pond, perhaps? The gorgeous Divergent star Theo James once said his biggest pet peeve is “people that are so self-oriented they can’t see outside themselves.” Sooo, does that mean Justin Bieber? Perfect! We agree. Not to mention both stars are down-to-earth, sweet and would make ridiculously good looking babies.


[Photo Credit: Getty/@JustinBieber]

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