Last Lap: Get A Behind-The-Scenes Peak Of They Came Together Before It Premieres Tomorrow

How will Transformers: Age of Extinction do at the box office? Is Sarah Jessica Parker returning to TV? Did Brody Jenner used to date his brother Brandon’s wife?

  • The rom-com spoof They Came Together premieres tomorrow, but that didn’t stop us from getting in on some of the action beforehand! MTV News went on set with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, and trust us when we say, these two love their sexual innuendos. Just think about the movie title itself. There you go! What do the two have to tell us about the film? Just that “It’s pretty dumb,” from Poehler and, “Yeah, it’s ridiculous,” from Rudd. [MTV News]
  • It looks like the fourth Transformers installment will be as huge as expected. It’s predicted the film could open with over $100 million in it’s first weekend, beating out Captain America: The Winter Soldier for highest opener of the year. [EW]
  • If you miss SJP and her SATC days, you may be in luck! The actress may return to primetime in a drama from the producers of True Detective. The non-fiction crime thriller, Busted: A Tale of Corruption And Betrayal In The City of Brotherly Love, has been taken by by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and if it’s picked up, Parker will make an appearance. We may see her favorite accessory go from shoes to guns… [US Weekly]
  • From KUWTK, we know the Kardashian-Jenner clan likes to keep things in the family, but we didn’t know they were this close! Today, Brody Jenner had his sister-in-law Leah Jenner as a special guest on his podcast The Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr. Mike Dow. Leah was explaining how she met her husband Brandon Jenner when she was only 11-years-old, when Brody interrupted and said that he was her boyfriend at the time! No scandals here, this was just a fifth grade romance… [Just Jared]


[Photo Credit: Lions Gate]

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