Back To A Better Time: The Greatest Stoner Movies Of The ’90s

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Before Seth Rogan and James Franco, there was Method Man, Redman and many other Mary Jane induced duos, trios and heroes who paved the way for epic weed-inspired movies that we love. Welcome back to the ‘90s.

As we sit and mindlessly enjoy these instant cult classics, we’re able to relive some of the lightest and happiest of our days. Created in a time like no other, these movies have also given us some of the most iconic pop culture references in history. For instance, we highly doubt The Hangover would’ve been nearly as wild if there wasn’t some inspiration from Johnny Depp’s psychedelic adventures in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. How would Zac Efron and Dave Franco truly know how to party in college (and hotbox a frat house) in Neighbors without the original stoner students Method Man and Redman to show them the way in How High? Brad Pitt puts on a crazy good, high as a kite performance in True Romance, that he’s admitted to have used real life experience for. We’re almost certain Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s “Hey Ms. Parker” shout in Friday inspired Yonce’s “Heeeeeey Miss Carter.” And to think about we would give to again be Dazed and Confused in our carefree high school days…

Grab some buds, check out the gallery above and remember the most epic stoner movies from the hazy era that was the 1990’s.




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