First Dibs: How Does Kate Upton Always Look Sexy?

How did Kendra Wilkinson react when she found out about her husband’s affair? Is Prince Harry using Katy Perry’s music to help a good cause? What’s Kim Kardashian’s advice for working moms?

  • At just 22, model Kate Upton has taken the world by storm. Gorgeous face and killer curves definitely help her cause, but her #1 tip for always staying sexy? Confidence. In a recent interview, she proved that staying true to herself is what has allowed her to excel in a business as competitive and aggressive as modeling. “I don’t take myself too seriously,” she said. You go girl! [Yahoo!]
  • It looks like the rumors are true that NFL star Hank Baskett had an affair with a transgender YouTube model Ava Sabrina London. When his wife, Kendra Wilkinson faced the sad truth, she, well, “flipped out.” A source says she punched walls in their home, threw their wedding photos into their pool and flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. Kendra just gave birth to their baby girl Alijah six weeks ago. [US Magazine]
  • What’s more awesome than a cute royal helping disabled kids? A cute royal helping disabled kids by having a dance party to Katy Perry. In a recent trip to Santiago, Chile, the prince was captured on video doing a choreographed dance to “Firework” with kids at the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus. This will melt your heart. [MTV News]
  • We see a lot of what goes down in Kim Kardashian’s life firsthand, but now, she’s finally opening up about motherhood and what it’s like having her little bundle of joy, North West. A businesswoman until the end, Kim does not plan on putting her work to a halt. Her advice to moms who want it all when it comes to work, family and personal happiness is simple: prioritize. [Harpers Bazaar]

[Photo Credit: @kateupton]

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