VH1′s 2014 World Cup Round 4: Who Has The Hottest Ride?

By Christopher Rosa

The 2014 FIFA World Cup continues this week  as eight teams kick it into high gear for the Second Stage Quarter-finals. And our version of the games marches on as well!

We know it was  hard to choose between all those sexy ladies from last week—but, congrats!— you successfully voted, and now we’re down to eight countries that will fight for their spot in the semi-finals. And this week’s round? Soccer players’ va-va-vroom cars.

Let’s face it, soccer players will always have better rides than us Earthlings. With some players having net worth incomes in the hundred-millions, there’s a lot of wiggle room to splurge on decadent cars. (Think you could take us for a spin, Ronaldo? We’ll love you forever.) From  Lamborghinis to luxury SUVs, the World Cup players are certainly driving to and from practice in style. But who has the sweetest set of wheels? Well, that’s your call. 

Cast your votes in the poll below. The four winners will cruise over to the next round! Fast and furiously, of course…