Reunited and it Feels So Good! TV Co-Stars We Wish Would Make a Comeback

When a TV cast is good, it’s good. There’s nothing like a couple of co-stars who have such undeniable chemistry that it carries the show. Makes you believe in them. Makes you wish you could, like, look them up on Facebook long after the series finale. For fans of the original Beverly Hills 90210, this dream is sort of coming true. Co-stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling (who were BFFs on the show, and truly the only duo that stayed intact during the series’ decade-long run) are making a primetime comeback! They’re starring in a new ABC Family sitcom, Mystery Girls, where they’ll play “former co-stars on a ’90s TV show” who open a detective agency. Amaze. And it had us thinking — what if we could find out what our other favorite old school co-star characters are up to these days?

Since we have no idea what became of The OC’s Summer and Seth, or Moonlighting’s Maddie and David, or Friends’ Ross and Rachel after their series’ ended, we decided to do some speculating. Here, check out what we think happens to some of the most beloved co-stars of all time.

[Photos: ABC, NBC, CW, Fox]

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